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Freshkote Lubricant Eye Drops


Help patients with dry eye symptoms experience soothing relief.

FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free (PF) offers a fresh approach to treating dry eye symptoms.

  • Patented polymer blend of polyvinyl alcohol and povidone supports all layers of the tear film
  • Triple-acting formula reduces evaporation and increases stability of the tear film while high oncotic
    pressure draws excess water from epithelial cells
  • State-of-the-art multidose bottle provides more than a month’s worth of preservative free drops
    when dosed 4 times a day
  • Compatible for use with contact lenses

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Dry eye disease can lead to damage of the ocular surface

Dry eye symptoms can be caused by insufficient aqueous production or, in most cases, a degradation of the lipid layer.


FRESHKOTE® PF offers patients nurturing relief from dry eye symptoms while reducing further irritation.

FRESHKOTE Preservative Free is a lubricant eye drop designed to support all layers of the tear film.

FRESHKOTE® PF comes in a state-of-the-art multidose bottle to dispense precise, nurturing, preservative free drops.

The FRESHKOTE Preservative Free multidose bottle design offers:

  • Multidose closing tip system, which eliminates the need for preservatives
  • More sustainable design, which uses ~8 times less plastic and ~9 times less energy for transportation vs single-use vials
  • Blue tip that helps patients direct the drop into the eye



Every bottle contains over 300 drops, providing more than a full month’s supply of single-drop doses when dosed 4 times a day.