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Care and Warranty

Using Your New Eyewear

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Often a new prescription, or a different design or material, may require an initial learning period. It is best to wear your new prescription as much as possible to learn quickly to use them.

With correction for astigmatism, things may appear tilted, slanted or bowed. You may feel as though you are walking uphill, downhill, or in a valley. This sensation normally subsides within 1-2 weeks if the glasses are worn on a regular basis.

Your new progressive lenses may require a training period as you learn to use the functions of a multifocal lens. Be careful walking up and down stairs and stepping off of curbs because of the new reading vision in the bottom of the lenses.

To help you learn to use your new progressives, sit at a table or desk with reading material and objects at arms length. Practice pointing your nose and tilting your chin up and down to bring objects and reading materials into focus. From time to time, look off into the distance and notice your eyes focus on objects far away.

Caring for Your Eyewear
  • Never wipe the lenses while they are dry. Particles and dirt on the lenses can damage the surface. Rinse with tap water, apply a cleaner, and clean with fingers. Use a soft cotton or silk polishing cloth to dry the lenses.
  • Clean anti-reflective lenses with a cleaner made especially for those lenses. Very dirty lenses should be cleaned with mild soap and water before being polished with soft cloths.
  • Always clean your frames and lenses with a cleaner safe for eyeglasses. Some household cleaners contain solvents which can damage your lenses or frames.
  • Never leave your eyeglasses near a source of heat or on the dash of a car. Excessive heat may damage or warp plastic frames and some types of lenses.
  • Keep your eyeglasses in a clean, protective case when not wearing them.
Peace of Mind
  • We stock high quality, fashion frames backed by at least a one-year warranty against manufacturers’ defects.
  • Scratch resistant plastic lenses are backed by a one year/ one time redo for scratching under normal wear. Radiance Anti-reflection lenses are covered for two years.
  • Prescription changes are sometimes necessary to fine-tune your prescription. Changes prescribed by your doctor will be made at no-charge within 60 days of when the eyeglasses are first received.
  • Periodically your new glasses may require a fine-tuning adjustment to stay comfortable and functional.
  • Over time, screws may loosen. Come in any time for a free adjustment.
  • Don’t try repairs at home. Glues and putties will void the warranty.