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iGreen Eyewear is the result of years of research and development in order to produce technologically superior frames while being friendly to our environment. Thanks to Thema’s investment in eco-friendly equipment and processes, iGreen frames are not only stylish, incredibly light, flexible and highly customizable but also fabricated using significantly less water and electricity during manufacture, making them a sensible and unrivaled choice in the marketplace. Since Thema’s debut in the North American market a few years ago, the release of iGreen CUSTOM has truly revolutionized the manner in which the selling of eyewear is accomplished.

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Imagine being able to wear what represents you best. Endless possibilities to express your creativity without limitations, envision yourself wearing a frame created and designed by you! Our iGreen Custom program brings this vision to life, where you are the designer of your own unique frame. We have created a program to ensure everyone has the perfect fit no matter which style they love from our 4.0 Collection and that’s why we offer up to three different eye-sizes for every custom shape.

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iGreen PLUS Collection

Transform everyday prescription eye-wear into protective and attractive sunglasses! Each pair comes with a polarized (grey) magnetic clip-on lens that stays in place using a strong built-in magnet discretely placed under the rivet. Four more clips are available with different lenses (Polarized Green Mirrored Lens, 3-D, Blue Lens and Yellow Lens).

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iGreen 4.0 Collection

Our iGreen 4.0 Acetate frames combine the lightness of polyamide with the strength of acetate for optimal balance of comfort and function. All Acetate Styles are available for customization offering multiple eye sizes as well as nose pads.

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iGreen Polymer Collection

Designed with active lifestyles in mind, iGreen Polymer frames provide unmatched impact protection and lightweight comfort without sacrificing style.


Our latest series adapts perfectly to different face shapes and truly provides a “you don’t even know it’s there” feeling! All iGreen frames have interchangeable temples with a wide selection of colors for endless fun!


Changing the temples on your iGreen glasses is very simple. In less than a minute your “new” glasses will be ready to wear! Lift the temple where it protrudes from the front, lever it on the inside a bit, as if you were using a corkscrew.

Then clip the new temple to the front and your new iGreen is ready to be shown off!

Thema is a global company that respects the importance of sustainability and the major role each of us play as stewards of our earth. In 2019 Thema announced a new recycling program in partnership with the international recycling company TerraCycle. Under this new program and with TerraCycles help, Thema will recycle all excess acetate left over from their manufacturing process.

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