22 Jul 2019
why do kids need annual eye exams

Summer is coming to a close, and kids are getting ready to go back to school. While you might be busy packing up backpacks or picking out pencils, you might also want to make time to visit with your eye doctor before your child goes back. Whether they have glasses or not, annual eye exams […]

10 Jul 2019

You’ve likely heard of Dry Eye disease and the discomfort it can cause. But what is this condition, and who is most likely to suffer from it? Your eyes require tears to lubricate and nourish the cornea – the front surface of your eye. Tears serve many functions, including lubrication so that the eyelid can […]

08 Jul 2019
UV Rays and Eyes

Ah, summertime. Hours upon hours of fun, no school, and vacation. You’re not the only one enjoying the longer days. The sun is also out for more hours each day, and while that means more time for your activities, a dangerous byproduct comes from this. This byproduct is called UV rays. You’ve likely heard about […]