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5 Fourth of July Eye Safety Tips

The Fourth of July is one of the most exciting times of the year, but for your eyes, it can also be one of the most dangerous!

In this article, we’re looking at a few ways that you can save your eyesight from the dangers of at-home fireworks. By the end of this article, you should have an idea of how to keep you and your family members safe.

Read on to learn more about Fourth of July eye safety!

1. Wear Safety Glasses

Safety glasses aren’t expensive, and they can save your eyesight if the worst happens. Don’t forget to buy these glasses when picking out your fireworks. Many fireworks stores will probably sell them anyway!

If you’re using sparklers, safety glasses aren’t a necessity, but any large explosives mean that you’ll need safety glasses.

2. Stay Away

For those that aren’t shooting off fireworks, it’s best for them to stay away from the spot the fireworks would go off from. It usually only takes one or two people to light a firework, and they should be the only ones near the explosive.

This makes it easier for people to get away from the firework after lighting. It also means that fewer people could get hurt if something bad happens.

3. Have an Age Limit

Kids and fireworks aren’t exactly a good mix. In fact, the two together can be quite dangerous.

Allowing kids to set off fireworks or handle them on their own isn’t a good idea. Letting them be involved can be fun, but make sure to take extra safety precautions when doing so.

Even sparklers, which are generally considered safe for kids, can be quite dangerous if used improperly. They can burn at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Poking your eye or skin could cause serious damage if they aren’t careful.

4. Be Prepared

When shooting off fireworks in your backyard, you’ll want to make sure to have an emergency plan. Even when you have the best intentions, something can still go awry.

Keep a bucket or two for putting out any fires or dud fireworks. If you try to light a firework and it doesn’t work correctly, don’t try to light it again. Instead, use one of your buckets of water and toss it. A dud firework could be a dangerous explosive.

Also, know what to do if a firework hits or causes a burn. The best protocol is to call 911 and avoid any home remedies. For eye injuries specifically, any rubbing or watering can worsen the problem.

5. Leave it to the Pros

The safest way to enjoy fireworks this year is by leaving it to the pros. Enjoy a local fireworks show or see one at a private event hosted by pyrotechnicians.

When you go, you won’t have to worry about safety precautions, and chances are you’ll see a better show anyway. On the plus side, you also won’t have to pay for the fireworks!

Remember These Tips for Fourth of July Eye Safety

While at-home fireworks are fun, they can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. With these Fourth of July eye safety tips, you should be able to squander the danger. Make sure to follow general fireworks safety tips while celebrating Independence Day.

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