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What Is an OCT?

What is an OCT?

Many people ask this when they visit their optometrist for an annual eye exam. And because they might not know what it is, they often choose not to have the short test done.

This means they’re missing out on one of the most accurate tests for eyes, and they don’t even realize it! Lucky for you, this article is going to break down everything you need to know about OCTs. After, you’ll be able to decide whether you want one or not.

Read on to learn more!

What’s an OCT?

If you don’t know yet, chances are you’re wondering what an OCT is. Before understanding why it can help you, let’s break down exactly what it is.

OCT stands for optical coherence tomography. This is a type of imaging technique that takes a photo of your eyes at a detail that is otherwise unseen.

Like a topographic map, an OCT shows you the different layers of your retina. Your eye doctor uses this information to measure layers, which helps identify diseases.

The machine allows an eye doctor to see at a micrometer resolution. This is about 0.000039 in inches.

Now that we understand what an OCT, let’s discuss some of the benefits of having one.

1. Details, Details, Details

When it comes to eyes, detail is everything. The layers of your retina can tell optometrists what they need to know to diagnose issues.

A regular eye exam can catch quite a bit on its own, but letting your optometrist take an OCT photo ensures precision.

2. Easy to Do

At this point, you might be wondering how invasive and time consuming an OCT is. Something that is that detailed tends to take time.

In reality, an OCT is non-invasive, and it takes less than a minute to capture the photos. This means that you can add an OCT to your eye exam and be back to work in the same hour.

Because of its simplicity and speed, an OCT is also cost-effective. The price for the test is low, meaning anyone can access this pertinent information.

3. Peace of Mind

An OCT is one of the most effective ways to check for eye disease. This give you the peace of mind that your eyes are healthy and happy. If something seems off, your optometrists will be able to catch it before it becomes more serious.

For kids, having an OCT will let parents know the exact condition that their child’s eyes are in. Children tend not to develop as many eye diseases as adults, but you can protect them with this simple test.

Ready for Your OCT?

OCT tests are one of the fastest and most accurate tests for eye health. We hope this article has helped you decide whether you want to have one on your next visit.

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